BEWARE of Da9swag!!!

Heads up G2IC Community,

So I recently purchased what I thought was “pr4” and “great working” vtec solenoid from Da9swag. When I first communicated with him over text about me wanting to purchase these parts he replied back in a timely manner, never a problem. I asked for pictures of the inside of the ecu just to verify the ecu wasnt burnt or anything. As for the solenoid I didnt ask for pics (my mistake), simply for the reason that I didnt think I needed one for a great working solenoid. So I went ahead and sent the money. I even specified in the notes of the payment what I was paying for which was the pr4 and solenoid so there wouldnt be any confusion. Well about a week later I recieve the package, I open it, and the first thing I notice is the ecu has p75 written on it??? So I put that aside to check the solenoid and come to find out…that had a broken pressure switch.

So I try contacting and asking for an explanation. Nothing…so a day later I leave him negative feedback due to no response or explanation. Well the very next day he replies to my text saying he was sorry for the late reply, not sorry for what he had done, and explained that the ecu was indeed a pr4 just in a p75 casing. So I open it up and he was right, it was a pr4 pcb board. I was frustrated at the fact that that wasnt mentioned up front. So I reply asking why he didnt mention that and I wanted an explanation for the broken pressure switch. And guess what…NO REPLY!!! Yet he comes on here to fund his motor build and ask for help.

So I decided not to bother with this kid anymore and work with what I had since it wasnt alot I had lost. So please BEWARE!! Stay away and dont buy from this kid. He’ll comunicate to get you to send the money then send you something completely different than described and never respond back to you once you realize he sent you garbage.

Sorry for any grammar errors hahaha I’m typing this up during my work break.

What an asshole. Sorry about your bad purchase man.

Contact paypayl you will get your money back bro trust me lol they will drain his bank account if he has the money or not but will take about a month but justice will be made :cool:

Thanks guys!!
Rhd-germzs: Can I still do that if I sent it as a gift? Idk if that was my mistake. I usually send money that way around here and I’ve never had a problem

Yup!! I know this because I had something similar to this they know we use paypayl for transacting I got my money back

It is possible for u to send me a email so i know how u did it? Id really appreciate it man. Cuz I tried putting the transaction # in the resolution center tab but it said I couldn’t dispute it cuz I didn’t purchase goods?
Gravex3400 at sbcglobal dot net. Thanks in advance!!!

when i had an issue with someone that i sent the money as a gift, i couldnt file a dispute either. i contacted paypal and asked why and they said it was because when sending money as a gift, that option doesnt become available. its only when you actually “purchase” something do you get that protection. its one of those things that you risk when trying to avoid paying the paypal fee…

Umm… thats weird cuz I Always sent money as gift and I did gey my full refund back. Oh I had to say that I bought an item from xxx paypal user and it was broken so I had to get a tracking number sent it back (PayPal operator told me to do that) so I had to sent an email with all my case and tracking numbet so when the PayPal user got it (according to tracking number) I was able to get money back

Well thanks guys. I really appreciate the advice. I called and for some reason they said they wouldn’t refund me the shipped cost? ($12). So I decided not to waste my time. Plus the guy I spoke with was not in the mood to help. So ill be working with what I have. No biggie. Just keep in mind, DON’T BUY FROM THIS CLOWN!!! Thanks once again guys!!!

Small update!!! Just found out “Da9swag” is also “Sumillshit.” Both members on here. He just posted a pic on the “post your favorite pic” thread as “Sumillshit” but that pic is the exact same pic posted on Da9swag’s engine build advice thread. BEWARE!!!

Can you post his name, number, email, and PayPal?

So we know who to avoid since he could be under any username.

just post everything you have to say on his seller feedback. that would help us better.

This is under investigation. Please make sure, to also contact the admins/mods so we can get involved in the investigation process as soon, and as best as, we can.

Hey guys, quick update, both Da9swag and sumillshit have been banned. Thanks to the G2IC mods!!! I really appreciate your time imcnblu and anyone else who was involved. So now that they have gone and banned them I have posted any and all the info I had for this clown on Da9swag’s feedback score. So please check that before buying!!! And thanks for the advice guys, glad to see that even tho I havent been around the site for a long time you guys were more than willingly to help out. Take care

I’m happy to help. I don’t like seeing bad things happen to anyone on the forums. If you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me or any other member of the site staff.

Sorry for the delay in response. Been a busy couple of weeks for me.

Good stuff man, glad to hear you got some of it sorted out. It’s unfortunate to hear about those kind of transactions. Makes you think and feel in your head, “If I ever see this dude in real life I know that I will be getting my first assault charge.” LOL
Jk, don’t do that. Thanks for posting about this guy and best of luck.

[QUOTE=Slider617;2296621]Good stuff man, glad to hear you got some of it sorted out. It’s unfortunate to hear about those kind of transactions. Makes you think and feel in your head, “If I ever see this dude in real life I know that I will be getting my first assault charge.” LOL
Jk, don’t do that. Thanks for posting about this guy and best of luck.[/QUOTE]

LOL thanks man. Sometimes I do feel like that.
The unfortunate thing is that he’s back now under username lsv_da9 and trying to sell on here again. He’s been called out on it and is denying it. So please if u read this Jake, send me an email.

So guys, update, thanks to Neil “lsv_da9” has been banned!! Thanks Neil!! I really appreciate it.

Well guys, looks like he’s back under the username “pixie”. Just a heads up. Kid doesn’t give up

… wow.

I’m really surprised this is still going on.