Big Problem

allrite past 2 weeks my g2 is fookin up… first the passenger seat belt got stuck at the open door position and will not secure passenger seat and makes an annoyin beeping noise nonstop. i went to acura dealer ship cuz i heard oue cars have lifetime waranty on seatbelts… but the guy said it was an electrical problem and they dont cover it. secondly, i went to start my car to go to werk and my battery was dead. i made sure i didnt leave the headlights on but wen i jumped it my taillights were on even tho my headlights wernt switched on so i assume that my taillights drained it. wen i turn sharp my brake light in my dash comes on then turns off… i love my car so much but i dont noe how much i can take. would reseting ecu help? ne ideas? plz help!!

taillights staying on = broken brake light switch
brake light coming on during hard corners = low on brake fluid… that light’s there for a reason…