Big problem!!

Got another battery and installed it and every thing was fine for a few days. Left work and it started fine and all. Stopped at beer store got beer and when I went to start it it clicked and crackled and had no power to start. Got boosted from a friend and as soon as I hit the breaks it craps out and won’t start. Used a known good battery and all is well when braking running. But if I remove the battery cables and press the brake it still craps out? headlight and radio and fan are fine running still with battery removed but not brakes.

Any ideas?


check your grounds and check your alternator. it sounds like you have a charging issue. make sure your battery terminals arent corroded and are clean and the cables are on tight. you might also want to try upgrading your grounds from battery–>chassis–>tranny and from the engine–>chassis. i posted a big thing about how to check the volts with a voltmeter you might wanna search my other posts and follow the instructions to troubleshoot a bit. good luck.