Big Problems

Firstly I have searched, but to no avail…

I dropped my 1991 LS Teg, to have the cam/timing belt replace on Thursday (Australia Time)… I get a call Friday to tell me that I also now need to have a water pump replaced, they said it was leaking so I agreed to get it replaced… they are having problems

They replaced the timing belt and the water pump and now, when they start my car, it idles kinda rough, when is warms a little it idles VERY rough, and once its hot it STALLS… they are completely confused at what is causing this, mechanically the work they have done is A1, but it is having the funny little problem… ideas peoples??

Timing belt is off a tooth, timing isn’t set correctly, and plugs and/or wires not properly installed are all possibilities. Any competent shop should be able to do these things correctly though.

Thanks, timing has been checked and re-checked, NGK Iridium plugs at $22.00ea, so I hope they would be ok… still having problems…

The car was perfect until it had the cam belt and water pump replaced, are there any hoses, leads,connectors etc that they missed??! Ideas?

usually the simplest answer is the right one. These guys are idiots.

you should try messing with the ideal screw or whatever its called but its on the thottle body cause i had the same problem with the ideal and i messed with that screw and it seemed to have fix it. you can try having your throttel body cleaned or your injectors that may also be the problem

I got my car back today :slight_smile:
/me starts doing the happy dance… still not too sure what was causing the rough idling, but all seems ok now, so I am one happy camper… and the price was more than reasonable… so crisis over :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Tegboy, where in Australia are you from? Im from sydney, i know of a great place to take your car to. Excellent Honda mechanics.
Check those out first