Big Problems

1993 Integra Ls heres the deal…my tach started bouncen around about a few months ago…at first i thought it could of been a bad ground…after the car cooled down id work on it and then it would drive fine till it warmed up…then the tach would start bouncing…so i went and replaced the coil…still same problem…replaced the ignitor…cap and rotor…still same thing…so i went head to get a new distributor…wires and plugs…still same problem exept the problems getten worse…the car starts boggin out as the tach jumps around like its misfiring…but its odd cuz the tach will jump to 0 rpms…and the engines seem to be running at about 2500 3000…then i went ahead and replaced the pvc valve…and on monday im gonna replace the fule filter…but after that becides a new ecu im clueless on what to do…please help


i also forgot to mention i did try the teg tips on bouncing tach it didnt fix it and i replaced the main ass.y relay

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