black carbon on rear bumper?

ey i just did gsr b17a1 swap and motor is mint like im running on a non vtec 1990 ls ecu … and i mean car i need a vtec ecu very badly but is this due to? not havn the rite ecu? thanks guys




Seriously, I re-read your post like 5 times and still had no idea what the hell you where talking about.



Learn how to type complete sentences Please.

Also, Let me see if I can undertand this,

You swapped in a B17A1 Motor into your Ls,
You kept and are still useing the LS ECU,

And you want to know if this is why there is black carbon above your muffler on the bumper?


sorry guys, I was in a rush while typing this information. My question is, I have a 1990 ls integra. I dropped a b17a1 gsr motor in it, i kept my stock ls ecu so im running on a non vtec ecu. Now im noticing im burning gas very rich. People have been telln me they smell it, and i see black carbon on my rear bumper, IM asking why this is occurring. Sorry for the half ass grammar on my previous post. Thanks guys.

Well, Why did you not get the ECU and Harness etc…