Black HeadLights ????

Hey all i saw these headlights on this teg and i pretty sure that they are the jdm ones blacked out or somthing. i was wondering if anyone knows how to do this or if these babys can be ordered. Thx :up: heres the pic

Thats exactly what they are… If you’re willing to bake your 1Pieces n’ pop them open, spray them black (obviously spraying between the bulb reflectors) n’ close them back up… they’ll pretty much look like that… Can you order them? Not really… perhaps someone will do it for ya for a case of beer or something… lol… either way they look great… but IMO they look best on a black teg…

Heres a picture of my teg with the black out healights. you need a lot of patience to do this. I’m looking for a new set of One piece lights to do this to my headligths are dull and don’t feel like renewing them.


Nice I wish mines was black

what lip is that? or is it a front bumper?

WW RS lip for the 92-93 Bumper

nice d00d :up:

Here’s what mine look like.

And you do need a lot of patience to do it. But once its done, you’ll definitely not want to go back.

i think the lip on it is type r and 92 bumper

Nope wings west RS lip.

bam! :shrug:

90_DA_Teg: did you paintmatch the moldings and lip yourself?

You are definitely correct on that one sir. Don’t rush to black out your headlights… i can’t imagine what i’d do if i cracked them in half trying to pry them apart. shudders

here’s a pic of mine with the blacked out headlights too.

Damn maing… I’ve never seen steelies look so good… :up:

on my LS, before they tried to steal it. sold the car, still have the headlight.