black housing headlights

just did mines today. took me an hr or so.
all that was needed was a heat gun and a Flathead screwdriver

start heating from the fog light side up and down while pulling the lense out. there’s no need for taping since i used the model car paint brush method
{take your time} any overlap you can just wipe with your finger.

to put the lense back on just reheat the old grey tacky glue and thats it.

forgot to add the fog light cutoff piece was sprayed duplicolor metalcast yellow

here’s the pics

autoo 001.JPG

autoo 002.JPG

autoo 003.JPG

autoo 004.JPG

autoo 005.JPG

autoo 006.JPG

autoo 007.JPG

Looks great man! Could you post a pic of them in your car at your convenience? Thanks! Would like to see how they look installed. I would like to try it