Blacked out one peice headlights

I am looking for a picture of blacked out JDM one piece headlights.

I tried looking but seen no pictures.

like the lenses or the inside part that would be shiny???

Look harder…

There was a pic i seen along time ago where the fog had a hit of yellow to it.
thanks but it seems the second link is broken, it only went to google.

Did you mean this?

try that

Here are two pics of my blacked out retro fit


try that[/QUOTE]

LOL thnaks sry tegfan i had to i am not an ass though haha

[QUOTE=darussianone;2259040]Here are two pics of my blacked out retro fit


Thats what i want, how did you get the fog so yellow?

My friend did the whole reto it what he does on the side

Can anyone get me a picture of these mounted please?

There you go

You got a picture of it straight on?

What kind of projectors are those darussianone? Retro looks good!

they’re the morimoto mini h1. the headlights are just sitting in my closet waiting to get installed in darussianone’s RHD. how sad at the moment.

somebody need to do mine