Blinkers don't work??

I have a 92 gsr, and recently the blinker switch stopped working. The blinkers themselves work (well, the tail lights and the bumper lights, but no corner light blinker??). I checked the number one fuse, which I believe is to be for blinkers, and it was blown so I replaced it hoping that may fix it, but no luck.

I know the bulbs themselves work because the hazards will bring the lights on and make them flash. It’s the switch that seems to be giving me problems, it won’t bring the blinkers on. Up doesn’t turn the right blinker on and down doesn’t bring on the left. The headlights come on still when I turn them on with the switch, and I can still alternate between lows and highs, just no blinkers. I pulled it apart to make sure everything was still plugged in and it all looked good, even tried pulling the plugs and blowing in them thinking they may be dirty:shrug:.

Does anyone know if there is a particular fuse I should be checking instead of #1? I did pull and eyeball all of the under dash fuses to see if I could find another one, but all appeared good, except 14 which is for the interior lights, and the clock I believe. I changed it a few times and it keeps blowing on me though…(another problem). I’m wondering now if it isn’t possibly the ICU, even though there is power getting to all blinkers when I press in the hazard button, also I’d like to try the easier steps before I go that route. Any help or ideas would be very much appreicated.

everything but the corner lights? i heard somewhere that the icu controls the side markers. idk hope that kinda helps

All blinkers work, when I press the hazard button in, but the corner light blinkers. The corner light parking lights still come on when I turn on the parking lights/headlights. I’m not sure if the corner light blinkers not working is a completely unrelated problem or related. The blinker switch did work very recently, I was testing out the blinkers because I replaced the bulbs. They worked fine, I started the car to mess with another problem, went back to the blinker switch again to make sure they still worked and I couldn’t get the blinkers to flash at all using the switch. I wanted to test if they all still had power so I pressed in the hazard switch and they all worked.

here maybe this will help

thank you, great info in there:). The problem in that thread seems to be a bit different then mine but I’ll go through it and see if anything comes up. Still looking for any other info or advice that may be out there, thanks.

Your discription is a little confusing, if I understand…

The signal lights, [blinkers] do not work at all, no rear signal lights, no front (bumper) signal lights, no front side marker signal lights and no signal light indicators in cluster, is that correct?
It would be the case if fuse 1 keeps blowing.

The hazard lights do work, except the front side markers do not flash, [flash on when park/head lights are off/flash off when park/head lights are on] is that correct?
If so, it is a separate problem, front side markers are controled by the ICU, for park lights, and hazard/signal lights.

Fuse 1 - 10A, keeps blowing, blows as soon as you turn on the ign. switch, or as soon as you put the car in reverse, [back up lights are also on fuse one] is that correct?

If the answer to the above is yes, you have a short, when the fuse blows will give you an idea of where the short is. 94

Sorry for the confusing description, I was trying to describe multiple things to sum up the whole situation. The side marker blinkers have never worked for me. The bumper lights, and the rear blinkers DID work prior to this problem. When I press in the hazard button, the bumper lights blink (both sides) and the rear blinkers blink (both sides). But, when I go to use the blinkers via blinker switch nothing happens. Fuse 1 was blown, which I thought may be the problem, so I replaced it but still no fix. I re-checked to make sure it hadn’t blown again but it was good. so I’m stumped.

I know the blinkers are getting power, because they work when the hazard button is pressed (aside from the corners which never worked, sounds like ICU). So bulbs are all good. I’m going to test power on the wires from the switch to see if maybe I can pinpoint the problem to that area. I may just have a bad switch, but it still turns on the headlights and allows me to alternate highs and lows. Could the ICU be the reason why the blinker switch wouldn’t activate the blinkers?

The ICU has nothing to do with the signal lights, except to control the front side markers, so it is not an ICU problem, [other then the front side markers not working].

Do the back up lights work, [same fuse as signal lights]?
If so, the problem is probably the hazard switch, power for signal lights go through the hazard switch.

You will need to pull the hazard switch and test for power on the yellow/red lead, [is just yellow on some G2s] with ign. switch in run or start.

If there is power on the yellow/red, test for power on the green/white, if no power on the green/white, replace the hazard switch.
If there is power on the green/white you will need to move to the steering wheel harness and test for power on the green/red, [input to signal light switch. 94

Thanks man, you’re help is very much appreciated. I believe the back up lights do still work, but I will double check to make sure. I’m just wondering if the hazard switch could possibly be bad if the hazard switch still brings on the bumper lights, and tail light blinkers. I will definitely double check all that you listed and report back if it doesn’t pin point the problem. Thank you.

Yes the hazard switch can be bad even though the hazard lights work, there are 2 power leads going into the switch, one for the hazard lights, white/green, [hot at all times (unswitched)] the other for the signal lights, yellow/red, [hot in run and start (switched)].

All the hazard switch does is selects which power goes through the switch and out, [green/white] to the “Turn Signal Hazard Relay” and connects the left and right side wiring together when hazard lights are selected.

It is not uncommon for the signal light power connection in the hazard switch to go bad and still have a good connection for the hazard lights power. 94

Oh wow, I would’ve been wrong to assume differently before then. Thanks for the info. I do happen to have a few hazard switches to go trough if that is the case though, so the current one will be tested first to see if it should be put back in, or if it is the culprit. I haven’t jumped on it yet (working on other stuff). That would be great though if it was something as minor as that instead of trying to pinpoint a short. Thanks again for your help and advice.

Think I figured out the problem. I checked the hazard switch and it is good. I put everything back together and replaced fuse 1 again and the blinkers worked for a while. Then fuse 1 blew again, which lead me to believe there is a short.

While searching for the short I found that the back up lights on the tranny are pretty wooped and are more then likely the problem. I remember now, when I first got the car and was working on putting everything together, my back up lights stayed on for a minute even after I was out of reverse. This is more then likely the short and I’ll take care of it to see if fuse 1 continues to blow afterwards. Thanks for all of the help.

Unplug the “Back-up Light Switch” 2pin connector from the switch and see if fuse still blows. 94

I’m sorry, where is the back up light switch located? Are you referring to a plug that is located on the tranny, or something else? Thanks.

If your car has a manual transmission the back-up light switch is mounted into the transaxle, [top, off to one side] in an automatic it is in the “A/T Gear Position Switch”. 94

i am having that same exact problem right now.