blinkers on the blink.

right front corner blinker socket went bad, the wires broke too close to the socket to splice. I need to hit the junkyard for a bumper light socket, and lens anyway, along with the missing right front fender liner which im sure caused the wire corosion in the first place. :idea:

when i bought the car all 6 blinkers worked the way they were suposed to. even though some were broken.

the problem is

when i signal to turn right, my left front corner blinker flashes too, left front bumper light does not.

it does this with and without sockets/bulbs in the right side so it doesnt seem directly related to the bad sockets.

are there any possible causes?
is this a known issue with a known solution?
ICU related? or just crossed wire?

forgot to mention, right front corner turn signal isn’t working at all anymore.
doesn’t seem to get any power.

for the time being i plan on removing the left corner signal bulb, and replacing the right bumper bulb. so atleast i will have both bumper signals working untill i can get some new sockets/lenses and figure out the cause of the problem with the corner signals.

atleast that way i wont keep confusing people when i make right turns.

if i cant sort out the issue, i guess i could tap into the bumper signal wires.
sorta ghetto but it would get me back to 4 working signals on the front.

The front side markers, [corner turn signals] are controled by the ICU, if you have a problem with them but the signal lights themselves work properly, the ICU is the problem. 94

not realy what i wanted to hear.

but i guess if the icu does control the side marker signals it makes sense.
i dont see how else i could have developed a short or crossed wire like that, and still cut power to my right signal at the same time.

my INT and low settings on wiper don’t work, along with cruise control. so signal issues on top of it I guess I need to replace the icu.

posted a WTB thread.

The ICU may be repairable, SEARCH or FAQ will have something on it.

Although intermittent wipers is one of the other things the ICU controls, the ICU does not control any functions of the cruise control.94

yea, im well aware of the icu thread. have had it bookmarked for a long time. it was just something ive been avoiding.

but, a good working replacement icu is on the way and once i get it installed i will take a look at the bad one. I don’t like to be without my car so i didnt want to risk pulling one out without having a good one to put in right away.

i replaced all the sockets that were bad and all the lights work now, still need another wedge bulb for the corner light. but tested and working otherwise.

with the exception of the problem allready mentioned in this thread, but that will be solved in a few days hopefully.

Good luck finding a “good” ICU; I have pulled countless ICUs from the junkyard and nearly all of them showed signs of leakage and/or pcb damage. I ended up spending something like 3 dollars for a couple caps and jumped a few circuits for a perfectly good working icu.

said in post above yours, allready got a good one on the way. (from jaysteven here on this forum)
he said it was in 100% working condition when he removed it. i asked him to crack it open and doublecheck for leaky caps and etc and he said its fine.