Block difference b/w b18a1 and b18c or 5

What are the block differences between the b18a1 and hte b18c1 or 5, i was just wondering because i see the frankenstein swaps where you just basically changeover the head of the b18c1 or 5 and that nets you some considerable power, but what does the c1 or 5 have that the b18a1 doesnt.


The 1.8 liter vtec engines have extra oil squirters(so do other vtec engines), and believe it or not have a smaller displacement than the b18a/b.

So what exactly is netting the c1 or 5 so much extra horsepower?

The vtec blocks generally have a rod to stroke ratio which is more conducive to higher revving, higher hp setups (although a very minor difference with the setups in question). The alternative lower r/s ratio is better off revving not so high, but seems to make more torqe down low.

The other biggy difference the displacement, the LS with its longer stroke, procucing a higher displacment than the two vtec engines will naturally, produce more torq. And that’s the big deal about the lsvtecs, more torq.

Most dyno charts that i’ve found for ls/v’s seem to have other mods as well (like, type r cams, high comp pistons), so its hard for me to say what kind of power they make in “stock” form: 155 - 165 whp? But you’ll have to rev it to upwards of 8k rpms to get that power and structural integrity “may” be compromised if necessary precautions aren’t taken, like stonger rod bolts, shotpeening rods, block girdle, oil squirters, vtec oil and water pump, etc.

This issue has been endlessly debated. In one point of view, the lsvtec is a cheaper gsr/type R alternative 'cause we already have the LS parts, just buy a cheap b16a head. The other view is it’s not cheaper if you do it right and safely, the point is to have more power potential with the increased displacment etc etc etc etc and on and on goes the debate.

this is what lsvtec would be to me. Taking my ls and porting the intake manifold, porting the head, milling the head, putting in larger valves and chipping th ECU - EXCEPT, while maintaining more low end power because of the vtec low lift profile. Plus it would be cool to have.