Block Guard question?

Well more of a just to make sure questoin when putting in a block guard you just set iton top and tap w/ a rubber malet right.

No… when putting in a block guard often what will happen is that the cylinder will “shift”. Even a 1 mil will cause problems. The proper way is to put the block guard in and have the cylinder bored and re-honed. Which means you’ll need new rings as well. I love how simple some people make “throwing in pistons” or “tapping in a block guard”. To do it right it takes a little more time, money, and patience.

well hey listen i am definetly not one that thinks that you can just through this in here and it will be fine and just so you do know the block has already be honed and new pistons and rings as well are in the engine. I was just asking a question.

I know… the “harshness” was not directed to you. It was more of venting on my part for some people with their “half assed” ways. And then they tell others that this “half assed” way is okay. Drives me nuts. Do it right or don’t do it… agreed?

are u saying u tap the gaurd in and then have it overbored and honed?? no one has confirmed if welding the gaurd in has any benefit.

Yes, you at least need to have the bore of the cylinders checked to make sure they didn’t shift. If they did shift, then you need to bore/hone and re-ring the block. Who said anything about welding?

ive heard a couple guys mention a while back when i first heard about them. i still dont know what the benefits are besides shifting around :shrug: or maybe sinking. im curious if anyones had these problems.

Whats the benefits of a block guard, just for the info and while we are on subject…