Block to withstand ITR HEAD!!

Well I’ve looked and searched and found a lot of different responses. I have a Type R head on it’s way, and I plan on ordering skunk 2, stage 2 cams. I’m looking for a block that will hold the type R revs without too much rebuilding. I was planning on getting a b18c shortblock w/type R pistons. would there be a good substitute. I know I can do LS/vtec but don’t really have the cash to build it strong enough for higher revs that the itr head deserves. hook me up with some info guys. Thanks

save yourself the headache and get a b18c bottom. but if u really wanna rev, get a b16 bottom. but realistically anything over 9500 is a waste of time on a street car. but if u have the money anything can be built. which is what u should be doing in the 1st place. IMO of course…

Cool, thanks, I’m only looking to rev to 9000, too much higher and no more powerband. Also I picked the b18c because I’ve found some pretty good deals, and I may go to a nitrous route later on, it seems to be a start for a power base. Any more opinions would be great. Thanks