BloodyPenguin's 1991 RS

[UPDATE New Pictures Towards The Bottom Of The Page With New Wheels, Coillovers And Misc Installed]

Hello all. New to the site.

Few weeks ago I purchased a 1991 Acura Integra RS (5-speed). It currently has just under 60,000 miles on it. It was someones baby.

It is all stock, except for an aftermarket cd player and antenna. Outside and inside are like new. Really well kept.

(Here are a few pictures I snapped real quick with my Galaxy S3):

I’m going to keep it pretty stock, though I did buy a few things:

*Sport Tuning - T9 14x6 (12.8lbs)
*Progress Technology - Series II Coilovers
*Amber JDM Replacement Bumper Turnsignal Lights

These should be installed in the next few days and I will have new pictures soon.

This is not my first Acura. Back in 2001 I bought a 2002 Acura RSX type S. I modded it a little bit:

Oh and before I bought the 1991 RS, I had a 2004 MazdaSpeed Miata. I had to get rid of it because I needed a four seater.

It was a lot of fun, I miss it a lot:

I’m jealous! Good find!

looks really clean man good fine and good luck with the mods

do you mind me asking what you paid for it

I’ve got Progress CSII’s on my car and absolutely love them. Did you get the DA specific ones or are you going to be running a hybrid DC/EG set up?

Think I might have over paid, I purchased it for $5,350. I justified the higher price by the low miles and how nice the car is inside and out.

I got the standard DA kit, 350\250 spring rate.

So glad to hear you like yours. Mine will be fully installed by tomorrow.

Nice pickup! Wow, it’s very hard to find low mileage DA’s these days. Dude, I’m really digging the Miata as well.

Yeah, I was very lucky to find a DA with low miles and so well taken care of.

As for the Mazdaspeed Miata… It was a great car. Turbo pushing 10psi+, Light Weight and it ate up corners.

what wing is that on the da9? looks like a gsr wing with the led light but no center post?

At first I thought nothing of it, but then I started looking at other DA’s on the site. Now I am wondering too what wing it is and why there is not middle post. ???

my guess is a civic wing. does it say anything under the wing near the brake light?

Very clean! And with super low miles! Nice pickup!

Being that its an RS I don’t think it should have a spoiler from the factory anyway so it’s probably from a different car just modded to fit.

Def not a wing for a G2, too narrow.

I’ll have to do some investigating. Hmmm… Now I am wondering where it came from?

I’ll have to get some close up pictures of it. The wing iis slightly thicker than the picture I posted makes it look.


Coilover, Wheels, AEM SRI and Amber Bumper Lights Added. And still under 60,000 miles… :slight_smile:

I like those numbers on the Odometer!
For some reason the wheels look photoshoped.

[QUOTE=ProMcCown;2313782]I like those numbers on the Odometer!
For some reason the wheels look photoshoped.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, crazy I found one with so low miles.

And yeah, something is weird about my wheels in that picture… But they are there, all 14" of them! Ha!

It could have been modified. Im not too sure how the wiring would be routed though =/

Looked under the wing and it says “Civic”.

Cool. Probably an EG eh?