blowe motor not working?

anyone has a diy link with pics? everything on here are red X’s

Don’t have diy pics but maybe these will help.

thanks u are a life saver

funny, I was literally going to post the same kinda thread, but my prob is I’ve done all said steps above and cannot get the fucking “blower unit” out. how the hell does that entire thing come out after all said stuff is removed/disconnected? it wiggles a bit but that’s about it, it’s almost like there’s more bolts elsewhere that are hidden, but I see NONE! there’s not enough room to just remove the 3 bolts for the blower motor and pull it out as it’s got the “wheel” attached to it and the unit is angled toward the firewall a bit. anybody have any experience with this? sorry OP for threadjacking, but I figured you might run into the same thing I’ve run into once you do these steps and may end up asking the same questions.

actually after doing a quick Google search, I found this thread on TI that amazingly still has pics. hopefully this will help me and you if you run into the same prob or just aren’t quite sure. :smiley:

no threadjacking at all lol . from what i read online have to force it out

Ok, just making sure. OP, have you tried this yet? I finally got it out, swapped them and it’s all buttoned up. Where the problem was for me is that the directions are misleading, lean to the right should be more like shove as hard as you can and maybe use a prybar, then try to pull toward you a bit to angle it enough to loosen the 3 bolts for the blower motor and slide the motor out. I never fully removed the housing unit, probably could have eventually if i wasn’t working on it outside in this Arctic weather. So yeah, it’s a PITA, but can be done. Oh and note the bolt/rod coming up from the motor and the slotted end of it. It’s gotta have the fan wheel sit down on it just right. Think mine isn’t all the way down as it is making a bit of noise and watching it spin after installing and powering on, might have a wobble, probably due to not being seated correctly. Have fun!