blower doesnt work replaced last winter HELP ITS HOT

like the topic says my blower isnt working right if at all anymore. i went out one morning for work and it came on so i turned it to high and it felt like med low. any ideas would be appreciated. also as a foot note i think ive check all the fuses the ones under the steering wheel and hood none look blown

common guys help me out i searched but nothing really matches me

your blower motor resistor, which sits on top of the blower motor. Held in place by two philips screws. Access by removing glove box.


If you blower motor works, but is just putting out very little thrust (or on low it works a little then stops, etc), you probably want to check for rust in the windings of the motor. You can do this by taking out the motor and looking through the hole that the ventillation hose hooks up to, or you can spin the fan and feel if it is difficult to spin (should freely spin if not rusted).

If you have had a cowel leak at any point in the blower’s history, the water that leaks through gets in the blower motor and can slowly rust and cause problems like this. The end result if this is the case is replacing the blower motor (about $30).

where can you get a blower motor that cheap???\

thanks for any input


parts america, autozone, pep boys, o’reilly, jocko’s, napa…shall i continue?

i thought they would be much more expensive
the cheapest i found them online was $75-100

The difference is the brand. The generic brand ones run as low as $30 at the places already mentioned. I’ve heard of the dealer charging up to $320 for the ‘name brand’ motor. :gunright:

I have rust in my blower motor


Someone in here mentioned something about a leak in the cowl causing rust to form in blower motors; I’m on my third motor because of this problem. Can someone give me more of an idea where I’d look for a leak? I’ve looked around in my engine compartment, but can’t figure out what goes where. What exactly is the cowl, and where would I look for a leak?

I had a leak in the cowl and a clogged drain hose for the evaporator so my blower motor was getting hit with water constantly. It finally locked up on me. I loosened some of the mounting bolts for the blower assembly and managed to unbolt the blower motor. I shot some PB Blaster in the vent hose hole on the side of the blower motor and jumped the blower motor to the car battery. It has been fine for the last 3 months, it could use another dose tho, and it stunk for a day or two till the fumes blow thru.

Oh, the cowl leak is fixed by replacing these little rubber seals up under the cowl cover. I beleive the part numbers are given in the Teg Tips forum.