Blower Motor Melting problem

Ok guys i have searched but found nothing to help me. I have a new blower motor and resistor switch in my car but it still wont work. I want to know where the fuses are for the controls/motor, and if you think the switch for the speed is good itself. I turned my car on about a yr ago to go to school and i had to defrost my windsheild. well when i did so nothing happened, so i went down the street and smoke started coming thru the vents. no fire just a LOT of smoke that smelled like wires burning and actually BURNED THE CRAP out of my eyes. the connector on the blower motor was melted. Can anybody help me? im pretty sure its either a fuse or the speed switch thats bad. Thanks guys.

can anybody help? anybody know where i can get the wiring diagram to see if there is a fuse or not and where? I really need this.


Sorry to bring up a 8 year old thread but I have the same issue. My blower motors is not functioning at all. The connections are melted together. I will solder a new connector and replace the blower. Would this problem be related to my “mode control” lights not coming on either? They all went out at the same time. Thanks in advance.

did the fuse blow?

i would check your connections, follow your wires, and make sure there is no shorting

I replaced the starter signal and blower motor both 7.5 fuses. The motor seems to be seized or done. I turned the speed knob but nothing happened. Checked the fuse after that and they were both fine. Checked the resistor and it looks kinda burnt but the springs are fine. Just wondering what wound cause the connectections to melt together.