Blower motor removal with A/C???

Apparently the A/C Evaporator is next to the blower motor. Does this have to be removed to take out the motor? According to the Helm’s manual it does but that would require discharging the refrigerant and I can’t do that.

One other question. Is my blower weak or are the ducts clogged with something? Heat seems to come out slower than in any other Honda I’ve been in. It does come out every vent and the doors are working properly. When I hit Recirculate it sounds like the blower motor is working double time. Is this normal?

Would someone smart please help me. I live in Wisconsin and I need heat for the winter!! Thanks!


nobody has any idea?

First of all recirculate does blow stonger. This is normal, even on accords and civics. “Supposedly” my haynes manual says that you can just pull back the carpet and remove the three screws that hold the blower motor in the housing. I tried this and some rubber padding under the carpet was just to thick to remove the back screw or to pull the motor down. I didn’t NEED to remove just thought I’d clean and lube it for winter. I just gave up. PS On “fresh air” setting the force will increase with speed. ie highway driving.