Blowing radiator

hey people
blew my radiator twice in about 3 months
i cant figure out why its building up pressure…
my radiator cap is gunky and oily and dirty (been like that for a year… seems to be gettin dirtier)
any ideas ?
my engine temp is always fine

thanks in advance

sounds like you answered your own ? cap, the cap is designed to releive pressure when it reaches a certain point, kind of like a thermostat, to save your radiator and other components or your radiator, if original, could be getting weak and unable to handle normal operating pressure. When I bought my teg, the radiator was one of the first things to go. I bought an all-metal one off the internet for around $90 and all is well for last 40K miles.

where did u get that radiator, mine is leaking from the cap as well, i tried replacing the cap but to no prevail. i noticed it after i installed my short ram intake if that means anything.

I think it was something like or something, I can’t remember so try doing some searches and you will find one. Maybe check G2IC commerce section.