Blown ecu 10amp fuse under hood

Hello guys. So i just did my first motor swap b20 vtec into my 90 integra! Every time i add power, n turn the key the ecu fuse under the hood pops. And i can’t seem to figure out what exactly is causing the issue. Or grounding out! So I’d appreciate any thing to help me trouble shoot this issue! I’m pretty sure it’s a white/yellow wire that goes to that fuse

Anyone help on shedding some loght as to where i should start. I just swapped my first engine a b20 vtec into a 90 integra dA. So i had to do the obd0 to obd1. But just recently iv noticed that i keep popping my ecu 10amp fuse under rhe hood every time power is applied!! And i. Done a lot of research as to something similar. Ut i keep finding pll havinf rhe issue but wirh the 15amp back up fuse.

your grounding somewhere. Check for any pinch wires/exposed wires.