Blown Headgasket sludge!!! cleaning out motor?

ok so here is the deal. i bought a another DA a week ago.
pretty clean body, lowered, LS/VTEC
I only paid 600!!! i bought it form some dumbass from the base he didnt know what he had in the car, all he knew is that a some mechanic told him it was blown headgasket. it started and drove so i bought why not right??? even for a shell thats a nice price.

so i have my motor ready to come out just waiting for my friend to come help me with the actuall removal.

There was a ton of that sludge from coolant and water mixing in the head when i puled the V cover off. will it be like that throughout the block as well just sitting and building up with gunk? all oil is drained. i ran a garden hose thruough my water nech and let it flush out.
I AM taking the head to the machine shop to get hot tanked and resurfaced as well as new valve seals. in the past when i have done head gasket jobs i have always just let the car get to running temp after it is operatable again then drain and refill oil asap as well as coolant.(but i use water to flush before coolant is added) is there any other wayto get all that gunk outta the block? other than taking that and getting hot tanked as well?
byt the way its a b18a block with a gsr head I am going to use a cometic headgasket for lsv setups and new arp studs

Id just have the motor hot-tanked. Better safe than sorry. If the oil in the head is sludge and milky, the bottom end is going to be the same. Save yourself a headache and have it cleaned.

And id use an oem vtec gasket instead of a cometic. Again, just my preference.

i have always liked the cometics i ran one in my builtall motor b16 and always used them in my nissan sr20’s until i switched to apexi gaskets