blox fpr? anyone?

has anyone tried the blox fpr yet? it is a lot cheaper than the b&m one and looks identical. just wondering as i wanted to get one to tune my motor as it runs really rich. or would i be better off with an apexi afc?

well i dont know about tuning wise, but i have a blox FPR.
it doesnt work smoothly when adjusting fuel pressure. to adjust the pressure, u need to disconnect the vacuum line, and use pliars to hold the adjustment screw when locking it down causing u to do it a couple of times to get it to stay where u want it. (u will HAVE to have a fuel press. guage, otherwise whats the point)

does this replace the stock one or so uhave to modify the stock one like on the B&M one?

its a copy of the b&m FPR.

yeah its just a copy, only alot cheaper, i was just wondering if it was as good

what about this fpr? :

Just get something like this it worked for me.

and the gauge doesnt shake at all under the hood coz it has liquid filled.

I like it