blue smoking

it just started smoking right after i changed new fuel pump 255 lph it didnt smoke before that my oil level is fine and i did valve lash adjustment last month what could this be?

thanks guys

blue smoke is generally a sign of burning oil due to ring failure.

do a compression test ASAP and report back.

it doesnt smoke anymore i think its because when i jacked up the car in the rear doing fuel pump the engine leaning foward causing oil getting into exhaust valves or something its all cleared out when i rev and drive a bit rougher cuz power came back with new fuel pump lol no more hesitation or bogging so its good now and it smokes like they normally do in winter like white steam whatever it is thank u i was worried for a bit

today im throwing code 43 which is fuel system where do i start?

and i ve had enough with no starting issue that i think its alarm wiring related it doesnt seem like previous owner did the alarm install correctly every time when i jingle the alarm box it would start

sorry if im out of blue im overhelmed lol

after market alarms do not last very long… I change 80 to rip them out of customers car all the time…

id like to keep alarm on it cuz i always keep ALL of my tools in it once it gets stolen i dont have nothing to work with lol
and can u help me with uninstall it? i can start a thread for it or something don’t u mind? :stuck_out_tongue:

i have viper in it and it works fine for me the wires may be loose or something inside the alarm box ur trying to say?

I would NOT keep all your tools in it… just a ratchet set at most for emergency repairs…

alarm or not our cars are way to easy to break into LOL…

yea true but still haha

I know what ya mean… when I first got my teg I kept all tools in it cause I didn’t know what was going to break or fall off next LOL…

yeah yeah lol still in progress diagnostic some issue that im still having it havent let me down thank god

so i went to the stereo,tint and tune shop they said its gonna be 40 to rip em out on saturday at 10 am when i taking it there im gonna see if he can look at it before do anything maybe just a niggo rigged, hopefully only thing to do is solder it back up and heat shrink em down i also have a power lock actuator from other car im going to have him hook em up also so i dont have to use key to unlock it anymore haha im lazy as fuck lmao