Body Kit off Ebay

I am new to the whole Integra seen. I just recently bought a 94 LS Integra 4DR MT. I like it a whole lot and want to do some work on it. The first thing I want to do is throw on a decent body kit. I was looking on Ebay and found one I like and its called Street Fighter. I was wondering if anyone knew about body kits on Ebay, I am skeptical because the price is so low for a full body kit (260 plus shipping). Check out this link to it: street fighter body kit

Also I don’t know if it will fit on a 4DR even though it says it will. I am worried about the side skirts. Do integra 4dr and 2drs have the same vehicle length? Thanks guys.

no they are different lengths, most ebay kits are copys of copys of copys. Almost all bodykits require professional finishing to line the kit up, as they tend to warp during delivery.

That link isnt for a g2 teg, its for a g3.

ur on a site about g2 tegs…(90-93) and asking about a 94. not to be ignorant or anything but seriously…the information youre gonna be looking for isnt on here. so before someone gets really nasty with you i will kindly direct you to im not telling you to buzz of or anything but just tryint to help out a fellow teg fan.