body kits

Im thinking of getting a body kit pretty soon, probably just after christmas. Are there any places that give better service than the rest or was outstanding in quality and a decent shipping time. I know one of my friends got a kit from asylumms for his crx and they didnt send it untill 5 months later and was the wrong style. He said as soon as he mentioned lawyers they sent it. I dont really want that to happen, so if any one has had good experiences please tell me. also im looking for an evo style hood for my 92 teg. anyone know where those can be purchased. Thanks

what ever you do don’t order from asyllums or import fan terrible terrible service.:mad:


i just started busted up laughing (sorry) when you mentioned importfan or asylumm. anyways i can get you a full kit for a reasonable price…its currently 425 for most kit…thanks let me know