bodykit help

i got the vis kombat sides for my car and i was wandering how do they stay on. do you screw them down or is there a double sided tape. i dunno but i was wandering cuz soon as spring comes the kit goes on and im going to drive around pointlessly for hours haha. thanx:D

did you order directly from vis racing? if so how was the shipping/service? im thinking of getting the entire Kombat BomB kit, except that stalker wing.

no we have a store in my area called speed people and they did all the arrangements so im not sure how the service was, but the quality wasnt that bad, im just waiting till spring to put the kit on

i have the full kombat kit from VIS, as for the sideskirts, the guy that put them on used the stuff that goes around windshields to seal them to stick mine on, the skirts match up pretty well to the shape of my teg so all you do is just drill two holes in the front and in the back and there you have it:D