bogging/acting up b17

Ok guys i have few probelms im having hard time troubleshooting
1:Roaming idle just started two days ago,on a cold start like say for example in the mourning the car starts at close to three thousand rpm then after about a minute it goes up and down between 2500&1500 for the remainder of the warm up period.After it warms up the warm idle is very high and stays at about 1500rpm.Also when it was still cold i held the revs steady at 4k and could hear popping through the exhaust.
2:2nd gear grinding, i wanted to kno if a low clutch(the clutch stil grabs hard and doesnt slip is just that the pedal is low and has gotten worse over thinking the pressure plate is bad?) would contribute to grinding.
Last but certainly not least is bogging, while im driving usually at about 4k mostly when its hot out(still does it in colder weather)the car bogs you can feel it,its like your letting your foot off the accelerator but its in the same position ,and if you push it down further its doesnt make any difference at feels like the car is pulling timing because you can also hear it in the does this till about 5k then starts accelerating again. Thanks in advance for ur help jus looking for some ideas.

bump for that damn bogging problem

The bogging problem might be caused by the TPS sensor. Do a computer diagnostic to find if the computer is shooting a code and it might tell you which sensor is faulty.

Same thing would happen to me while cruzing at about 65 then it the engine would stop reving in like 1 second intervals about 5 or 6 times then stabilize on its own.

heres the link…

Good Luck.