Bogging/Hesitation...temperature related

Ok, well I’ve been having bogging/hesitation issues upon acceleration for quite sometime already. It’s getting really annoying and driving the car isn’t fun anymore. The motor is a stock b17 (170k) w/ just I/H/E. The problem seems to only occur when it’s hot outside or when the car is up to operating temp and anywhere in between 1500-4000rpms. I don’t recall having experienced the bogging under any other conditions. I’ve done searches and a popular culprit seems to be the o2 sensor, however, this isn’t the case w/ me being that I installed a brand new OEM o2 sensor a couple of days ago and the problem is still there. I have also recently replaced the cat w/ a high flow one so that eliminates a clogged cat being the problem. Spark plugs and wires have also been replaced recently. In addition to the bogging, I’m running rich (soot all over my bumper and blowing smoke whenever I punch it).

I’m kinda low on funds at the moment so I’d obviously like to avoid having to purchase another part for $200 and not have it fix the problem again. I’m suspecting the injectors next, but would they cause the motor to bog only at warm temperatures or would the bogging be present at all times? Also, would faulty injectors cause me to run rich?

Please help!! Everytime I drive the car it’s depressing. :frowning:


Have you checked your cam gears and crank pulley to see if everything is on their perspective marks.

You could have your coil checked to rule that out also. If your smoking, then possible poor seal on the rings or maybe your headgasket has taken a poo. Could do a compression check to rule that out.

Hope this helps, cause it doesn’t cost anything to test the coil, and cheap to rent a compression tester. Do a search on how to check your compression correctly.

You could also just have a loose wire you just installed. While the car is idleing, pull one wire off to see if the engine stumbles…

Distributor maybe :hmm:

I am having this same exact problem on my 94 GSR. I replaced the TW sensor, and it went away for a while, but it came back.

Anybody have any idea what it could be??

did anybody got this fixed?

i have the same problem with my 93 gsr, and i thought it is the o2 sensor, but now that i’m reading this… i dont know anymore…

i see you have replaced your sparks…what about the wires?

on mine, I have replace the spark plugs, o2 sensor, plugs wires are good (upgraded), checked timing, fuel pressure and compression…all good! So, im at a lost of what it could be.

When you say “checked timing”, did you checked the ignition timing with a timing light or did you actually made sure the cams were all lined up correctly? Those a quite different.

I had a similar problem with my 90 GS and it turned out to be too tight valves.

Could also be related to the ignitor/distributor

The Acura dealership I work for said that it could be caused by multiple reasons, but they think I need a new distributor.

like the original poster said, it only happens when it is hot outside… so the problem seem difficult to find.

When is cold outside, the car runs perfect

Might wanna check the resistance values on the coil and ignitor when hot and cold… if there’s a noticeable difference, you might get the problem solved.