bolts for the sway bar????

ok well ive been noticing this rattle while i drive and a squeak when i stop. the control arms are good and tight. i then looked at my sway bar and the bushings are shot and the bolts loose and about to break off.

my question is where can i get the bolts for that? can i get the bushings with the bolts in a kit?

im not looking to upgrade but i am looking to replace them. its kind of uneasy driving on the freeway going like 75-80 and it rattleing like that. it does it a 65 too. so its not a factor of speed. its not the tires they are brand new and balanced, all around. its a rattle not vibration while on the freeway.

also since im asking, what could be causing my brakes to vibrate while im stopping coming off the freeway. the rotors are new along with the pads.
basically everything in the front is new except the bolts to the swaybar and the bushings. its taken me a year to get the complete tune-up along with other things that needed to be replaced. inbetween it getting broken into and stolen.

your rotors, although new, can be warped or your alignment can be off causing your car to vibrate when stopping