Bored? Look in here. DA6 Story :).

how much was transport cost?

Yeah it was really nice when he first got it. I pretty much saw it go downhill. Sad. :bawl:

great picture ideas but man that camera is grainy.

car is hot tho, lovin the subtlety

I gotta say that was a pretty touching story man nice cars tho…have u seen that green da9 wit tha b20 swap cruisin around in the lower mainlands one of the sickest rides I’ve ever seen

yeah its pretty nice. although i noticed the left rear wheel has quite a bit of neg. camber. :read:

Damn…for a second i though that was a previous pic of the one i just bought. I was gonna be pissed. Great story by the way…nice to see there are more out there in the states. Not quite as great of a story but I flew to LA to drive mine back to Indiana.:rockon:

I really like your DA6 :slight_smile: can’t get bored looking at it.

Thanks man, hope to see yours soon with all your sweet parts. :slight_smile:

my parts car,

You’ve got a RHD parts car. You bastard! j/k

Whats all wrong with it? If I would have known I probably would have bought that off you (providing it’s half decent) and fixed it up for a DD. You still rock chris, :rockon:

hmmm…out of curiosity, wat’s the exhaust on the parts car?

magnaflow muffler. mickey moused. :frowning:

out with the black interior, in with the blue. :rockon: here are some updated pics of the teg with the parts car part’s swapped over. :slight_smile: fenders, doors, complete interior, rear hatch, filler panel, and tail lights. next thing to do is the engine swap. oh btw, that’s the blue i am going for. buckingham blue pearl.

Ah…now it makes sense, i was wondering what was going on down at your shop there. So you’re looking to paint one the blue color? That’s cool, i really liked the blue on that parts car, too bad you couldn’t get it insured.

Like the new look

i see you refinished the wheels again. sexy. og silver. much nicer
meet soon


is it just me or does it look purple? either way, looking good.

I can’t believe you pulled a black interior to swap in a blue one. I did the complete opposite when I bought my car. Your cars coming along nicely. What color are you going to paint it? Is that your third DA6?