Bored? Look in here. DA6 Story :).

So this is my second DA6’s Timeline.
This is how it all started.

I hand picked this integra off a Japanese auction site for my friend to sell here in bc. Reason why i picked it was because i noticed it had a mugen wing. The Integra arrived in rough shape. Bumpers not lined up, scuffs everywhere, dings and scratches etc… So before he sold it, i grabbed the spoiler and 1 piece headlights.
Pics in Japan.

He ended up selling it to a friend of his for i THINK 4500. The car was then a victim of poor taste and style. Which thank god i took the mugen spoiler off of it. The interior trims were painted red and so was the p.side door panel. The Valve cover was also painted red and some stickers were added onto the car.
Before it was sold


About a year later it was returned to my friend because he couldn’t pay the car off. It was sold to a guy in my town which ended up being a friend of my other friends little brother. So he had it for about a year and just did regular oil changes. There was an electrical problem which killed the lights, got pulled over and recieved a notice and order. Vehicle Inspection was required. He didnt want to go through the hassel. Thats where i came in and grabbed it for $1600CDN w ith 181xxxkms
This was a great opportunity since I had extra integra parts!!
Cleaned it up a bit.

Got it inspected and legal to drive once again. :slight_smile: There are some other pictures of it during the process, but this is how it looks now. I’m pretty satisfied with it. :slight_smile:

Skunk2 Full coilovers
Revo Camber kit / Ebay rear camber kit
Ractive Intake
DCsports Short Shifter
WW RS Kit / Mugen Wing
Volkracing GT-7

Skunk2 Full coilovers
Revo Camber kit / Ebay rear camber kit
Ractive Intake
Vis CF hood
DCsports Short Shifter
WW RS Kit / Mugen Wing
CIBIE fogs
Volkracing GT-7

That about does it. It’s my perfect daily driver and I love it. :slight_smile: Thanks for looking G2IC!

Gave me something to look at. I dont know how rare these are in canada, but i would never pass one of these up. Even if i already had one…:excite:

Great story, excellant work on saving it. I would love to own a real RHD DA.


very nice :up: I also would love too and hope to own a RHD DA someday:cross:

damn too bad the window visors got lost in the transactions…
i bet that riecr took them off and jus ttossed them having no idea what they were lulzzzz

saw it today, looking good :up:
btw, where do you get your stuff painted?

Looks like a great daily and some good progression :bow: Any plans for the other one now?

Thanks for the comments guys, means alot :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=integra07;2065582]saw it today, looking good :up:
btw, where do you get your stuff painted?[/QUOTE]

Thanks man. :). Saw ur car awhile ago with the one piecers!! looks sweet!!! Ohh, i just spray canned the front and rear. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for my other DA6, it’s gonna sit for a bit. Don’t want to rack up the mileage on that one lol. :slight_smile: Maybe take it out a bit before winter…

Oh, here are some pics of when I had the most fun with it. :slight_smile:

Beautiful British Columbia :excite:

that was a cool story!

NICE. What kind of seats are those? Did they come in XSI models?

the seats are the same as the ones that came in the gs. expect for the fact that the rear seats have headrests…


im about to drive to canada
what website was this on and how to much to transport

my other was on



here’s one fs local. not sure if its still available though.

heres another quick story :P…

I warn you these pics are grose.

the pictures explain themselves.

that plus blown tranny…

wow that teg got all messed up… whats with the orange rim?! hahah

JDM spare tire. haha… story behind that was…
-bald snow tires
-blow out

oh, that’s the guy that works at silver hills…one of them anyways. Poor car. I saw it when he just got it and it was a nice car. Now, not so much.