Bottom end power gone!

I did a head swap from a stock B18A to a B18A P&P, crower dual valve springs ,402 cams, 68mm STR TB, ported intake mani & DC 4-2-1 header. now it feels like i’ve lost a lot of bottem end power but, the power band has moved
higher +5500k rpm. Is it because of the TB & P&P head (more air volume)? Should i have lost a noticable amount of low end power?

supposedly thats what happens. my friend had his b17 rebuilt and the head p&p’ed and he said the bottom end feels like its gone but i think it pulls pretty nice.

I figured out my problem, i didn’t set the timming gun correctly. :bang: Now it feels like it should . It still feels like i should have more bottom end compared to the gains in the top end, but i guess is the nature of it…?

if you still have the stock pistons you can’t expect any better.

now get a skunk2 mani
any 4-1 header
and ur good to go

a new intake mani will only hurt his bottom end power further than it is already. with those small cams he doesn’t need it anyway.

if he wants to race it i would lose low

What will help out the bottom end power? More agressive cams?

no, that’s going to hurt it more yet. higher compression pistons will help a lot.
you could go the route i did with p30’s (jdm b16) or even some basic pr3’s (usdm b16) would help a lot.

Hmmmm… I have been eyeballin’ that crower stroker kit :think: that would get the job done.

the more agressgive cams usally have power past redline>

go lsvtec
are you trying to be fast or trying to mod a car to have power from 1-4k only?
think about that one

stroker kit is not going to be worth it if you don’t plan on doing some nutso stuff in the future. just throw in a set of the pistons i mentioned earlier and then eventually upgrade to some 403’s and whoop some vtec ass. i’m running p30’s and 403’s, so i have experience with that setup. if you have questions let me know.

Its the other half of the power that i am now looking to improve, my top end is now good enough. Just trying to keep some balance to it.

how much are you pumping out of that?

if i did pistons to up compression i will probly go 404’s

hows ur idle on ur 403’s?
some people said its great some people cant get it to idle
let me know

What kind of adjustments to the cam gears would help with the bottom end? +2,-2 i’ve heard is pretty basic without a dyno.

yah tahts what is basic
but i would go 0-0 for now
dont risk it

it’s making 148 hp and 121 lbs/ft tq. i have my cam gears at +1 -0, and i don’t remember what i have the distributor at. and this is all dyno tuned just so you know i didn’t pull it out of my ass. mine idles okay, i still need to mess with the throttle settings on my afcII though.

Will an AFC get the job done well or should i just save my cash for hondata? s100 or s200? I know Hondata will be better choice but i don’t want over-kill cause hondata ain’t cheap.

afc/fpr is fine for you
ur cams are not agressive AT all

if u do go chiped route///
i would look into uberdata

ur setup is not really powerfull and will be waste to spend $ on hondata