Bought a Main fuel Relay. Why do I hear only hear a hum sound and 1 click?

Wasn’t I suppose to hear at least 3 clicks or something?

In my observation, with both doors shut, I turn the key to the first line (not start position). No clicks. Cluster shows NO lights. Just the aftermarket radio lights up.

Second line on the ignition is when the sounds come on. The way I would describe it is I hear a hum sound come on for just 2 seconds. Just when the hum stops, I hear the click at which the CEL/BAT goes off. To me I describe it as a “tap” sound.

Yes this is a new OEM relay from Peoria Acura and very easy to install.

Note: Even before I installed the new relay, I still experience the same pattern with the old one. I changed it out because I thought it was bad when I wasn’t hearing the “3” clicks. Also I changed it out because of starting issues in the summer.

As soon as you turn the key to the 2nd point is when the first click happens,the 2nd click is after the fuel pump primes (the hum sound you here) and that is about it,there is only 2 clicks.

I really not getting the click thing. On the ignition switch itself has three “tally” marks.

l. ll. lll. <--------------- Like this.

When the key is positioned to the first one, I don’t hear nothing. There are no lights on the cluster. The only lights that is on is the aftermarket radio.

The second tally mark is when I hear the fuel pump prime then the click I hear AND the ONLY click.

Is it 2 clicks very close together as if hearing only 1?

So is everything I described, normal operation?

everything is normal.

Sounds very normal. there should only be one click as soon as the MIL turns off. you might be thinking of the starter relay click in the 3rd(start) tally mark