Bought a teg with aftermarket seats and a few other things

Bought a 91 teg with racing seats and a 4 point that’s disconnected.

I’m trying to get the car legal in the next 3 months or so. How can I bolt up manual seat belts installed or rigged properly somehow?

Also, he did a sunroof delete, need a headliner. Aannnndd a shift boot plate to install a shift boot ?

Anyways. Any ideas for any of this?

If you can, take some pictures of the interior to help us better understand the condition of the interior. This will greatly help us, help you.

I actually found a guide for manual seatbelts but may just fab some type of harness bar somewhere. Headliner I decided I don’t care about that much, and the boot I took care of(:

If you’re not super concerned about the B and A pillar plastics, you can probably find a manual set of belts up in Canada, I shipped a set down to someone a few years ago, it would’ve been way cheaper if he didn’t want the plastic moldings and such.

I already bought universals, I’ll probably either weld them. In or just get a harness bar.

Can’t do shit til it’s nice out.