Bought ground controls - Why so many O rings?

Basically as the topic said.

I bought some Ground controls and i have like 20 o rings… about 6 of them are twice as fat. I know in the diagram they say to use one /each shock. But there is so many!!

What are their purpose? Im confused.

I didnt really thoroughly search but i did a quick one and didnt find anything. Sorry just in a sort of rush.

Thanks in advance!

its to help center out the adjusting perch if u got the coil-overs and to help prevent it from moving around when you hit small bumps, it also helps absrob the shock slightly.

yeah, i was pretty lost when i opend mine too… lol.

absorb shock? what shock? They’re just there to snugly fit the collar over the shock body. And there are a lot of 'em cause then you can pick and choose which to use. They probably put the same o-ring in all their boxes for different applications. Some cars have diff dia shocks, so they will need diff sized o-rings.