Bouncing Idle

I have a bouncing Idle. She starts and runs high for a moment (2000 rpms) then when she warms up it goes down to regular(750 rpms) Then she’ll jump back and forth from 1000 to 2000 rpms. I tried shutting her down and restarting her but it does the same thing. Any Ideas?

  1. I.A.C. (Idle Air Control Valve) Has 2 Water Lines and A plug in it Located on the backside of the Manifold.

  2. Map Sensor (Manifold Absol. Pressure Sensor) Located on the Firewall Next to the 2 Round Purge Sylinoids. Has 1 Vacume line coming out of the Bottom. and 1 Plug on it.

  3. BISS Screw (Base Idle Set Screw) Idle Ajustment Screw, The O-Ring Sometimes Goes Bad, It Backs out or Falls Out and the ECU trys to correct the Idle Causing Idle Surge. (Uncommon In Honda Cars) But, A Possibility.

My $0.02c


could also be the TPS(Throttle Position Sensor)…i had the same problem in my crx