bouncing needle at 20-25 mph

is there some problem with the car? as soon as i hit 20 mph the needle bounces pretty bad until 25 mph, is this normal or do i need to get something fixed?

That happens to cars that have speedo cables. The cable is going bad.

just curious but is it the rpm needle bouncing or the speedometer needle? if it’s the rpm, it could be your distributor.

My 92 auto recently has started to do the same thing. But for me the speedometer needle bounces slightly at all speeds. Does anyone know what could be causing that problem?

yeah, i’ve had the same problem with my 91 Integra. I took it to get it checked out and they just say that the cable is either wrecked or a little loose. I didn’t want to get it fixed cause they charged so much to do it. I just let my speedometer bounce…as long as nothing mechanically is wrong, it should be ok, just a loose cable won’t affect anything else

Well i have a different aproach to the problem! First off if you have installed indeglow / white face guages then the problem might be ?You! lol! Yopu see i installed them myself and was a little impatient and broke the plastick houseing where spedo cable connects to the guage cluster and the plastick around the round part that attaches to the cable cracked and then after that the spedo bounced really bad(it said i was going 120 when i was going 50)! So if you have taken out your guage cluster just pray that you didnt mess it up! Caue if you cant find a second hand one it cost a **** load! I was lucky my dad works for acura and they just got a junker in so 100$(canadian) later i had my new spedo put in but if not i was talking 600$! So be carefull when messing with it!:smiley: