Brake fluid issues with STD Brake system & ABS system

Ok, I have been searchign high and low, and cannot find an answer, or maybe and using the wrong search terms for this, but either way need an answer to this odd issue.

I have noticed since owning my teg, that I lose brake fluid from the regular master cylinder, but could not find any sort of leak in the system…

More recently I have also taken notice that my ABS resevoir is overflowing leaving me with the impression that the fluid being lost in the MC reservoir is somhow being pushed into the ABS system and being kept there.

I would love some divine insight as to what could cause this and what I may need to look into replacing to stop it from happening. thing that keeps coming to mind would be a proportioning valve of some sort…

ANyways I will wait to hear from the Gurus and see what I can figure out.

Ideas??? anyone??? bueller… bueller… bueller???

Late reply but it sounds like the fluid is being pushed past the solenoids inside the ABS modulator and crossing into the Abs brake fluid area. I’d imagine if you made the ABS kick in it would leak in the reverse, thats only a theory though because theoretically the system always has high pressure on the bottom of those solenoids and the only thing to make them move is the abs ECU releasing them.