Brake Fluid question??

the other day i noticed my ebrake light was on even when my ebrake was down… then it hit me… i dont have brake fluid, so i fuild it to where it had to be… well a week has passed… and i have no more brake fluid… and the car has sat in the garage the majority of the time… is this my Master Cylinder going bye bye … or maybe a whole in line… but i dont see and spill in my garage… WTTF?

Most likely you are loosing it through the master cylinder. You might not find a puddle under the car because the seal between the mc and the brake booster can fail. I would pull the Mc and see if you have leaking. Its a messy job and a little tedious but brake fluid is very bad for paint and other important bits.

If there is brake fluid in the booster then most likely the booster is going to be bad as well you might want to check that as well…