Brake lights arent working

So today while driving a women behind me wave me down and told me that my brake lights arent work. Now the lights them self work, when the all the lights are on, but when i hit the brake pedal, they dont do anything. What can be wrong.

Brake light fuse is blown, fuse 37 - 20A, [hot at all times] in engine bay fuse box, most likely.
Brake light switch is defective/unplugged, not uncommon.
Brake light filaments are blown in duel filament park/brake light bulbs, unlikely that all would be blown at the same time.

First check the fuse, do not just eyeball it, test it with a meter or swap it with a new or known working one.

If fuse is not the problem, check the switch, you can just unplug it and install a jumper to connect the white/green and green/white in the plug, if brake lights turn on, replace the switch, if not test for power on the white/green. 94

time to replace the brake light switch above the pedal.

ill check that out. Thanks for the help guys.

does anyone have a “how to” on swapping the switch under the pedal

[QUOTE=mongochuy;2010439]does anyone have a “how to” on swapping the switch under the pedal[/QUOTE] Pretty easy, unplug switch, remove lock nut, [pedal side of switch, unscrew switch from mounting bracket. 94