brake pedal problem after gravity bleeding

This was my first time bleeding.
i did gravity bleeding with given instructions, by opening the caliper bleeder screws, and kept filling the MC. I didnt press the pedal.

but now pedal sinks all the way down, pedal is not firm even when when the car is off. No pressure on the pedal at all. Pedal goes all the way to the floor

What could be wrong?

(MC is only few months old)

Bleed the system properly =P You’ve got a whole lot of air in there now.

wow…that was not the way to do it at all…but it’s ok. just get a 2-3 foot vacume line and put it in bottle and fill up the bottle with some brake fluid till the line is submerged. take the other end of the line and put it on each bleeder screw. Open the bleeder with the line on it and pump the brake pedal about 10-20 times.making sure the line in the bottle is always submerged in fluid so when you pump the pedal it pumps air out but only allows fluid back in. ALSO while you are pumping stop every few pumps and check the level in the master cylinder cause it will go down pretty fast.

good luck man!

last time i did it alone, but not this time

I bought 1/4unit hose from home-depot and 2 quarts of new brake fluid.

DUDE i have to tell you this bleeding took long!
My friend was pissed because i made him pump the pedal for hours and his leg was hurting. The reason why is because air bubles wont go away and it took forever!

My master cylinder was probabaly not bleed properly.

Also i think that air was getting sucked in from the sides of the bleeder screw causing bubbles. So i had to adjust the screw in a very artistic way.

ALso, when i got done with a caliper, i told my friend to stop pumping and hold the pedal down and then i tightened the bleeder and then i told him to release the pedal.

Thats how i did it, then i went for a test drive… brakes are awesome! Pedal is firm! everything is cool LOL but my back hurts and my friends foot hurts.

I gravity bled mine a few weeks ago after changing my Master Cylinder, and my brakes are rock solid. Only took 10 min for each rear caliper and 5 for each of the fronts. Did you bench bleed your MC before the install? I can’t understand why people buy speed bleeders or vacuums, gravity bleeding works just fine and only takes 30 mins, and can easily be done solo. At least that was my experience with my teg, and others on this board have gravity bled also with no problems.