Brake problem..need help pleez....

Okee today i was gettin off the freeway when the brake light came on…(ABS light). My first initial reaction was that the hand brake was still up so i checked it and it was down all the way. so i was like wut tha…??..then i shut the car off and let it sit for a bout 10 seconds. I turned tha car back on it tha light stayed off…but then i drove off and my REAR whells started to lock up and the brake pedel would kinda get stuck. i got off and check the pads to see if they came loose of sumthing but i they were okee.

My ?'s is can it be possible that i have an air pocket in the ABS somewhere that is causing the rear to lock up when i press the gas?..Can it be do to the brakes overheating? all suggestions are greatly appriciated.

It’s not the ABS that is causing your rear brakes to lock-up, because there is no initial braking. What I mean is that ABS reacts to a slipping wheel under braking, but ABS will not apply the brakes for you. It on;y works when you ahve applied the brakes. At least that is true on our cars; Porsches and other expensive cars with intricate traction controls can apply the brake at a wheel without any driver input.

I bet the ABS light is coming on because there is a mechanical/hydraulic problem in the brakes and is hindering ABS’s duty (most likely) or you have two separate problems (problem with sticking caliper and ABS).

The brake pedal getting stuck sounds like a master cylinder problem or somthing else in the hydraulics. Do you mean it is stuck depressed or you can’t depress it?

I don’t think you could have bent the brake lever (attached to the pedal to multiply force; probably impossible), but that can also do it.

Answer the question in bold and I can help you further. Also try to be more thorough i nexplaining what’s going on at the rear brakes. I would check to see what code the ABS is throwing.

First off the brake get a tad stuck and yes it will depress but when i brake normally i can feel a violent change in the braking…like i press it and then it like locks up for like 2 seconds then depresses…and when im at a stop it will be very hard…to the point where it wont move kinda.

i check the code and its tellin me that the front right pulser is doin sumthing odd. which completly threw me off cuz its the back doin the harm…not the front. I check the ABS wires to see if they were pinched cuz of my strut bar but they all had play to move and none were pinched. I was thinking that maybe the e-brake cable got stretched somehow:think: …so when i took the cover off i noticed that the cables were uneven…one side had more length then tha other. :tsk: im getting to the point where that bit of frustration is setting in and imma EXPLODE:rant: …im afraid to take it to tha dealer for fear they may charge me too much. plus the dealers round here just plain SUCK!..they always leave something loose or dirty…>=(…

My first guess would be that the caliper piston is stuck. Since the fluid is incompressible, you can’t move the pedal until that piston moves (roughly speaking since there are four calipers).

I wouldn’t think that the cables can stretch, though honestly I’ve never looked at mine. They are probably different lengths because of the way they are routed (not exactly straight back).

Locking brakes can be caused by many things. Locking piston (rust), deformed caliper mounting bracket (age, rust), Malfunctioning master cylinder piston.:idea:

I can’t pinpoint what your exact problem is. I would take apart the caliper assembly of the brake that is locking up and check the above things. Do a search if you are unsure of the caliper mounting bracket, I did a write-up on this awhile ago. It appear that the ABS problem is separate (:bang: ), unless you mis-interpreted the code it was throwing.

Let me know what happens.

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