brake problems

i have a problem with my brakes. 1.) sometimes the car feels like it looses it braking power, stops fine somtimes and then others i have to push the pedal futher. almost like the pads loose gripping power. 2.) at high speeds when braking the car pulls to the left and the wheels shakes.

brake setup: autozone rotors, powerstop brake pads. rebuilt driver side caliper and new master cylinder. im also using weld racing rims that are lug centric so i dont know if that matters.

anyone got any ideas?

check the rotors for warpage. check and replace passenger side caliper.

im hoping its not the rotors again i just replaced them in august. im guessing the passenger side caliper is not working right or somthing. maybe flushing and bleading the system might help.

master cylinder going?

i just replaced the mc like four month ago.

it is the passenger caliper, it is pumping less than the new one (rebuilt one).

The losing brake power can be the need of a flush (or bleed).