Hey, I am going to upgrading my brakes shortly and was wondering if anyone had any “inside” info on what is better and what offers better performance and stopping. I have been looking around on the internet at porche’s and ferrari’s and they all have the Brembo system (which is what I want) with the cross-drilled only rotors. Now, real up-stream imports I have noticed use only the slotted rotos. I have also seen a set of cross-drilled and slotted rotors for my car. I know the drilling allows for better cooling and the slots allow for the dust to be distributed away from the rotors to keep the pads at maximum stopping power. I have also heard that cross-drilling the rotors can decrease the “integral structure rigidy” of the actual rotors. I want the best for the money and was thinking about just the cross-drilled but then would it better with the cross-drilled and slotted or just slotted. Anyway, just seeing if anyone knows more into these then I do, I will eventually be going with Brembos 8 or 12 piston calipers. Thanks a lot guys.

wow… 8 or 12 piston calipers :rockon:


Yea 8 or 12 piston, my Integra doesn’t have ABS so I will need all of the stopping power that I can get, especially when I will be putting down over 500hp to the wheels as a daily driver. I am going with a big brake coversion too, the stock rotors are 10.31" ventolated front, and 9.41" solid rear, I will adding a 12.0" front and an 11.1" rear both which will be ventolated.

unless your are only track racing, its really no point for cross drilled rotors. do the easy things first, new mc,synthetic brake fluid(really helps), ss brake lines, better pads, if thats nto good enough for you then i guess go for a big brake upgrade?..

I appreciate your input, all of that will be coming, basically, my car is going into the shop in a couple months and most likely won’t make it out in a year. I am looking to drop about $40-$50,000 depending. I own a truck which will be my daily driver until this gets out. I’m not trying to come onto here sounding like a dick or anything just trying to get everything all planned for when it goes into the shop. The entire car is getting stripped and basically getting re-built from the frame up. The two main things on the car for me issue wise is the engine and the brakes, with more engine, you need more brakes. So anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your help and I won’t be doing too much track driving so I think you’re right about the cross-drilled.

well hey if you’re gonna spend that much then go all out :slight_smile: :clap:

blueeclipse96 - You will probably find more help if this gets moved to the proper forum since it has little to do with exterior. IE Suspension, Brakes & Wheels

Second, you should preface you statement by saying “I have money burning a hole in my pocket so I know it will be a lot of $$$, but this is what I want to do.” Just so everyone knows you understand this is overkill x 2. And you could easily get away with dialing it down a notch or two by going with some off the shelf 4 piston calipers that will haul you down just fine on an 11"-12" rotor. FastBrakes has some 11" (& 11.75") fronts, and 11" rears that would be a fraction of the cost.

Or even better, stay with OEM Acura/Honda parts and do this:
Plus the EP3 rear upgrade.

i’m really hopin this is a joke thread… :tsk:

What… you’ve never heard of 12 piston calipers? :giggle:

Well you know, you try to breath some reality into it here and there… :roll:

then go buy a used 328GTS and be done with it.

what kinda job you got that lets you just drop $50k on a car since you just turned 19 lol

bullshit artist most likely.

lol, even if i had 50k i wouldnt spend it all to fix up an integra, kinda pointless when it wont retain any value really

hence my reply about purchasing a 328 GTS.

much more fun than any integra will ever be.

Well, appriciate all you tough guys on here, all I asked for was a little bit of advice and of course you get everything else instead. For one thing, what I do is not anyone’s concern but I am in pharmacy school, that money won’t start rolling in until I graduate of course. The money that I am getting for the car is coming from another place. The whole point of me doing this is not to build a car up to sell, I am building my dream car and I will most likely have it for the remainder of my life. I am not into new cars, I like the old integras and have a lot of ideas and plans for it. I don’t really care if any of you agree or disagree, I was simply asking for knowledge in a place where I do not have as much as I would like.

As far as you thinking that this a joke thread it’s not and here is the link for the 12 piston calipers.

stopping distance is alot better…i stop about 1/4-1/2 distance shorter than normal w/brembo cross drilled…i think big brake will do alot better than that

Hey dude… maybe you could consider put a Carbon carbon system on your Teg? that would be the Shizzle