break balance

okay! my car didn’t pass the registration mechanical testing (specific for my country) because the breaks are not balanced??? How the hell can I balance the fronts. how about the rears??

Also, my handbrake needs also balancing???

Man! crazy but I have to do it, any ideas?? oh, I have NO ABS.

Brake balance refers to the diferential force exerted between the front and rear brakes of cars. Our cars have a 60f/40r bias(I think) where 60 percent of the braking force is done by the front, and 40 percent by the rear. There are ways to modify the difference between the front and rear, but I’m not too sure how to do it on our cars, or even if we can since our cars have a cross plumbed brake system.
Handbrake blance may refer to the handbrake not being at the right tension. Maybe something is lost in the translation?
You may want to go back and ask them what they mean.

Thanks for the reply…

I have asked them, and brake balance is left/right not front/back. They r saying that my brakes are pressing stronger on one side therefore causing the car to possibly turn to one side under heavy breaking (safety is what they r after).

I think I must have one of my brake disks machined more than the other??

As for the handbrake, it is the same but while using the handbrake… i.e. one side locks before the other!!

Call me crazy but I aint getting no papers without fixing this!!