breaking clutch cables-hydro conv?

i have an itr hydro tranny with “stage 1” clutch. thats all i know of it, i dont know the brand. it was in there when i bought my car. after owning it for about a month the clutch cable broke. the guy i bought it from said it was new, he broke one too. today about 3 months later it broke again. the pedel is super hard to push, is that because of the clutch or because of the hydro tranny requires more pressure to engage it? waht should i do, i dont want to keep replacing my clutch cable every 3 months and let it keep leaving me stranded.

I assume you’re using a cable to hydro conversion kit? Chances are that you’re breaking cables because they’re not OEM or because the conversion kit is not designed well. I’m leaning towards the later since you said the pedal is really hard to push down. That means that they didn’t work out the leverage properly in the design of the clutch actuation. Personally I’m not a fan of hydro transmissions in EF/DA cars. Pickup a YS1 case and put the ITR internals into that transmission case. It’ll work exactly like it should in OEM form except you’ll have the ITR gearing. Best of both worlds, and you won’t be breaking clutch cables.

^^^^most def the best way to go about it ^^^^

YS1 with hydro internals is waaaayy better than a cable to hydro conversion

found out while replacing it that it was caused by user error. the new one feels much better, the pedal feels like a normal car now.