breaking in a b16a t3 turbo

I’ve been talking to soem people about breaking in the engine that i’m building. and i’ve heard that there’s a certain way to do it, i.e. start the car, let it warm up-drive the car to 4000rpm leave it at that for a certain amount of time, then just left off, then go to 6000rpm hold it for a certain amt of time and left off…now i don’t know if thats how its supposed to be done, but my question is, has anyone heard of doing anything like that??? appreciate the feedback.

g2guru explained how he broke in his engine in one of his posts. i think he made the runs to the redline, and then just let the engine rev back down, to seat the rings. i think he said after that dont stay at any one rpm to long. i dont remember exactly. seach under his name. he exsplained it step by step.

Leo, you have to initially seat the rings by applying extreme pressure on them, in both positive and negative directions (which is why you load decel). Do three 0-60mph accel/decels and then perform the break in.

It’s important to vary the rpm. No consistent rpm driving (no highway/cruise control driving). And follow these guidelines.

0-200 miles under 3500rpm


200-400 miles under 4000rpm
400-600 miles under 4500rpm
600-800 miles under 5000rpm
800-1000 miles under 6000rpm


Then it’s done. Happy revving .

thats what he said to do.