Bride knock-offs with what seat bracket?

I bought a pair of these and was wondering if anyone knows which seat bracket I need to buy to be able to install these in my DA.I know there is a megan,weapon-r,and sparco seat brackets but dont know which one will actually work.Has anyone bought and intalled one of these knock-offs?Pics?Thanks|39%3A1|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245

Oddly enough, they admit to it being a replica, knock off, what have you. Being that it is a replica of the real deal, it probably wouldn’t be too far off to say the main company brackets fit them, but you never know if you have to make new holes, but really… would it be that hard to do so?

Does bride make a bracket that fit our cars

Email me, I got a couple of sites that are on my favorites list at work on my computer there that should help you out. Reason behind emailing me is because I can not access this g2ic from work so I can only help you through email. I am looking into getting some red bride non reclining and I am going to have to get some rails. I have not called these couple of companies directly to verify that they carry them or if bride even makes them yet so I can not give you a definite yes or no, but you can call them and see.

I called today and asked if they had bride bucket seat brackets for a 92 integra and they said they did.I asked if they bolt right up with no mods and he said they did so Im going to buy one next week.Will post some pics when seats are installed.Thanks for the link dude.:rockon:

Glad I could help. You helped me too, now I know where to go to get them in 5 months when I get my bride’s.