Broken Caliper lower Mounting Bolt? Where can I get a replacement?

Ok, so it wasn’t my car but my wifes friend’s Civic. (93)

She dosen’t have a lot of money so I offer to go ahead and do it for her. She hasn’t had for more than a year. And the guy who sold it to her obously didn’t take the best of care with it cuz she had to replace the engine three months after she had it. She got ripped on that too. (I still give her a hard time for not coming to me)

Anyways I go to undo the caliper mounting bolt and with very little pressure it snaps, not just one but bolth of them. Obously the moron who did the brakes last over tightened them, probably with an impact gun or somthing. So now i have call my buddy, the mecanic, to get a broken bolt remover tomarrow.

Well my question is, is this a dealer item (the bolt itself)or can I get it at autozone or pepboys??

I got one at the hardware store that fits.

Autozone should be fine if not try:

Ok got the bolt at Home Dept, well , this thing is in there so good it broke my reverse bit. So now I have to get a new caliper mounting bracket. I looked at the junk yards but no one has one. So I was looking for a good place on line to find one unless anyone on the board has one or a friend has one.
I know this isn’t g2 but it’s a desprate situation, she dosen’t have very much $ so I am trying to help her out.

Or one of the other Civic clubs online would help also.